Every Day After

Jessa takes in her neglected and traumatized younger brother, raising him with her own small children. Her determination to care for her brother with unconditional love demonstrates the power of acceptance to heal even the deepest wounds.

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"A breathtakingly thoughtful and insightful film" -Take2IndieReview

"stunning cinematography” -Film Threat

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About the Film

Growing up in Masbate Province in the Philippines, Jary is neglected and shunned since the moment of his birth for one reason-- his appearance.

His older sister, Jessa protects Jary through his early years, then takes him in as a young teen, to raise him alongside her own two children in a fragile house on a hill. Jessa seeks out the medical care Jary has been denied since birth. And more, the support to begin his physical and emotional recovery.

Every Day After is a 35-minute documentary that provides a more nuanced look at the complexities of the healing process we don't often see. And honors the invisible labor of a sister whose love and action make it possible for Jary to experience the everyday joys and struggles of growing up.

About the Crew of the Documentary

“It was a profound honor to direct this film and share Jessa's masterclass in unconditional love.”

- Elisa Gambino, Director

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Meet Our Team

Elisa Gambino

Elisa Gambino


Elisa is an Emmy®-award winning producer and director who brings her journalist's eye to capturing stories that matter.

Neal Broffman

Neal Broffman

Cinematrographer / Editor

Neal tells visual stories that explore the common threads of connection and community around the world.

Dave A. Liu

Dave A. Liu

Executive Producer

Dave is an entrepreneur, investor, filmmaker, and philanthropist with a passion for amplifying Asian and underrepresented voices.

Elaine Jose Bobadilla

Elaine Jose Bobadilla


Elaine is a creative entrepreneur—and a creative powerhouse, with a passion for art and exploring new possibilities.

Additional Crew

Patrick Kirst


Miranda Kahn

Art & Animation

Alex Altman

Sound Mixer

Woody Woodhall

Sound Designer & Rerecording Mixer

Darwin Lagman